Sam White ~ Sift Through the Dream State and Be Fully Awakened

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Sam White ~ Licensed Massage Therapist at Sacred Waters Holistic Spa

Sam is elegant and gentle and ever caring about her clients, her practices and in her life. She is enamored by life and awakened by her passion for healing. Sandra “Sam” White enjoys many practices in her 25 year span honing her crafts, from Riverside Wellness and Fitness, JCC, Westwood Club, Precision One Spa Director, as LMT, Yoga Instructor, Qoya Instructor, Reiki and Angelic Sekhem/Seichem Master infusing healing energies into her practices is natural. It seem to drape over her clients/ students cloaking us in an almost mystical old magic” says Crystal P current client. Sandra’s personality combined with her knowledge of the new and old sacred healing arts makes her classes and treatments unique and spiritual. Sandra embraces the Light and is grounded in the present moment. She connects with or seems to be a fountain of pure loving light energy and is glad to share her knowledge and her gifts with those interested.
As a dirt bike enthusiast, she will tell you how she uses her experience there to be present, every moment as every part of the body mind and spirit focus on the now. She uses her body and mind as communion to be fully on, to sift through the dream state and be fully awakened to the pure precious moment of being alive, free, atone with the natural beauty. Her therapy treatments will aide to open awareness of many pathways to align body mind spirit consciousness, living more aligned, moving forward more oneself.
Who sees me:
One interested in recovering a deep sense of peace.
One interested in managing stress
One interested in managing feelings
One interested in Energy, vibration, frequency,
Prayer, intuition, & gratitude as active forces

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