What is a facial?

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An Introduction to Facial Services

A Blog, By: Kacie Ann Jump, Licensed Esthetician at Sacred Waters Holistic Spa & Boutique


“What is a facial?”

The facial that we give at Sacred Waters Holistic Spa & Boutique is a European style facial, that consists of: 1) client paperwork and consultation, where we discuss your skin concerns, skin care goals, products you are currently using on your skin, and other pertinent information to gaining an understanding your skin; 2) a deep cleansing, with or without steam, dependent on skin concerns; 3) skin analysis, in which we not only determine your skin type but take a closer look at your skin to determine a plan of action in meeting the skin care goals my client brought up with me in their consultation; 4) an exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells that reside on the surface of the skin that need help to turn over; 5) facial massage, with a facial seed oil, in which we boost circulation, as well as collagen and elastin production within the skin; 6) a facial mask, determined by concerns and skin type; and 6) moisturizing, where I finish the service with toner, serum, a moisturizer, and an moisturizing SPF.

This is our basic facial at Sacred Waters. Where we really begin to customize the service is with the skin care product line I use to address you skin care concerns, skin type, and the plan we make going forward; as well as the modalities, or tools that are utilized during the facial. In some cases, with enough time a facial may include a little scalp or hand massage. Another great deal that we offer is a complimentary lip or brow wax, when included in a facial, where hard wax is used instead of soft wax, being gentler on the skin.


“What Product Line Do You Use?”

At Sacred Waters we use a skin care line called Naturopathica.  Their approach to skin care addresses the primary cause of premature aging of the skin—inflammation and over-stressed skin caused by irritating ingredients and the environment.

Naturopathica uses proven ingredients such as Seed Oils, Probiotics and Botanical Extracts to nourish the skin barrier and enrich our formulas with clean cosmeceuticals: Plant Stem Cells, AHAs, Retinols and Peptides that provide real benefits to the skin.

It sounds simple because it is. Every ingredient is carefully curated to promote skin health, restore skin youthfulness and delight the senses for overall well–being.


“Can everyone get a facial, even women who are pregnant?”

I am a firm believer that “facials are for everybody!” However, there are times when individuals should abstain from getting a facial, as there are contraindications, or conditions, where an individual should not get a facial. These conditions are typically medical conditions that would prevent a person from receiving a facial, specifically a more advanced facial, where modalities are used, until that client is in better health.

A few examples of some contraindications include: blood pressure not controlled by medication; those with a heart condition; individuals who have some form of cancer and are currently undergoing treatments; people who have thrombosis (blood clots); people who have multiple open wounds that need to heal; individuals who have certain skin conditions where they need to seek a dermatologist; a person exhibiting type 4 acne; people with certain autoimmune diseases; individuals currently on prescription topicals, like Accutane; individuals on certain medications; ect.

These are some examples of a long list of conditions that may contraindicate an individual from receiving a service, but again, this pertains to more advanced services where modalities that carry electric current, or aid in moving lymph, are sometimes used, or where stronger products are applied to the skin that have higher percentages of ingredients in order to change the skin, that can be harmful to that client that is contraindicated.

How do you determine if you are contraindicated and can’t receive a facial? Simply come to Sacred Waters and have a consultation with me, where we can sit and discuss your overall health, the medications you are currently using, you skin care concerns and goals, as well as the skin care facial procedures that we can safely perform that would be right for you, given these factors.

Pregnant women are only contraindicated for an advanced facial in terms of those in a high risk pregnancy, without clearance from a physician to receive treatments, and in the way of modalities that use electric currents, and stronger products that are used in chemical peels, or enzymes. Custom, basic facials, are an excellent service for women who are pregnant, as they are relaxing and help to promoting inner peace in calming ones nerves, as well as the mind.

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